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Tickle · the · Pear

waning days

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On Sunday evening MoBob and I wandered around downtown Takoma Park and sampled home-made ice cream from Greg's Summer Delights. We were served by garrulous high school girls who looked as if they'd spent the day at soccer camp, and we waited with an older lady who said that she'd just come in from her walk and thought she deserved some ice cream. She agreed with my assessment that ice cream was an important step in the fight against osteoporosis. MB had vanilla and mango in a waffle cone, and I had cookies and cream in a cup. The vanilla flavor was intense. I think they put a whole bean in there.

This morning when I exited the metro I passed a woman who looked to be about 20 pages from the end of Deathly Hallows. She looked up, stricken, and I said, "Oh no!" and she nodded.

I can't believe that the end of July is next week. Where did the summer go? It's true that I should feel pretty accomplished with the summer so far. Organized the basement, visited France (albeit for work but I'm lucky I have a job I enjoy and allows me to travel), rode out the last wave of the Harry Potter phenomenon....

So when I can't enjoy the sunshine I can at least relish some treats via cyberspace.
* From Maryam's blog where she highlighted a handsome mysterious photographer, gorgeous photos of my home region in the Philippines.
decor8 referred me to a blog in India for floating floral beauties.
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