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KGB revived

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Since most of the participants are leaving tomorrow and Saturday, the closing festivities were held tonight at a trendy bar that recreated Soviet Russia. Appropriately called KGB. At least it wasn't really like Soviet Russia, because the drinks and snacks certainly functioned on the capitalist system. Given the noise and smoke it would've been hard to eavesdrop as well. I didn't stay long as I started the day off early with laundry at a local laverie automatique (doesn't everything sound more romantic in French?) and some shopping (the sales are incredible here) before another long afternoon of meetings. I lugged back all the Harry Potters except for HP6 in French (already at home) plus French translations of An Inconvenient Truth and a short bio of Martin Luther King, Jr.

MoBob sent an email saying that he went to the Mall to watch the fireworks but ended up evacuated to the Air and Space Museum during the tornado warning. Poor kid - I had told him that he was supposed to learn the national anthem in order to become a US citizen and was disappointed when he read the USCIS manual to learn that it wasn't the case.

I don't know if I'll ever have the opportunity - or the guts - to live in France, but Lyon is pretty cool. Everywhere you go there are people on bikes, many of them using the red-wheeled models provided through the city's rental program. Chouette. If only helmets were distributed as well!

Velo'v: Lyon's Rentabike
Rentabike moves up a gear from curiosity to runaway success
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