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Tickle · the · Pear

breaking news: Frenchies acknowledge English is important

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Now that the second day of meetings has ended, I'm really amazed that my native French-speaking colleagues have made a huge and admirable effort to speak English. I actually went to a session that was completely in English, even though the non-Frenchies (a German, an Englishwoman, and myself) are competent in French. There are a few participants who do not know French and they sport the headphones to listen to the simultaneous translation - their second language is English and I think they should be exempt from learning French. Nonetheless the Frenchies are trying their best in English, which I have never experienced before, and all the more impressive given the inherent Frenchness of the organization.

I'm thrilled to be here. Still, I'm sorry that I missed Bruce Willis' donation of Die Hard artifacts to the Smithsonian, and, of course, making plans to watch the 4th of July from somewhere other than the National Mall.
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