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Tickle · the · Pear

Harry Potter and the Overheated Death Star

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The Leaky Cauldron reported that the French translation of HP7 will be out in October. I checked out amazon.fr and yes, you can pre-order.

I thought I'd be clever and pre-order from amazon.ca, hoping to save on shipping costs. I couldn't find it though on the website and sent in an inquiry. Here's the response:

I'm sorry, but "Harry Potter, tome 7 : Harry Potter et les reliques de la mort (Broché)" is currently not available through our Canadian web site. [...] Our international web sites operate independently of each other. The items offered on each site are obtained from different suppliers, publishers, and distributors, relative to the country from which the item originates. We cannot transfer inventory from one fulfillment centre to another. Items ordered from one of our other Amazon sites will be sent from that country, so international shipping costs and possible customs fees will apply if you live in Canada.

Er...no Harry Potter in French for Canada?!

To add to my generally grumpy state, I accompanied my boss to the World Bank for a brown bag lunch at the World Bank on a Helen Keller International project in Indonesia focused on integrating disabled kids in schools. It was a good presentation, especially interesting as MoBob had worked for HKI in Morocco and I knew them well in Mali and Burkina Faso. But it also meant a slog to and from the metro station, and then downtown, in the intense noonday heat. We had a good laugh anyway when I told her that in grad school we called the World Bank "the death star."
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