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Tickle · the · Pear

Nailing the Landing

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I made good on my promise (threat? See “Soccer Widow” entry of 1/26) and made M watch championship ice-skating last night. We invited ourselves over to another friend’s house who has all six South African sports channels. I hadn’t watched ice-skating in years, so it was interesting to see all the changes. Both M and our friend are obsessive sports fans but had never watched ice-skating before, let alone the Olympic final for women’s figure-skating. Surprisingly, no one really set the ice on fire (if one could say that) but I completely agree that Shizuka Arakawa deserved the gold.

I thought the new the scoring system was a good thing. The unitards were not. I liked the different layers of colored chiffon on the skirts and the (relatively) restrained use of sequins, embroidery, and other flourishes. The South African commentator was excellent, and the numerous triple combinations and triple jumps made women’s figure-skating a lot more athletic than when I was taking lessons (back when it was called the "ladies" and school figures were a compulsory event).
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