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Tickle · the · Pear

the New Yorker's anniversary

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NPR's Morning Addition announced that the New Yorker was founded today in 1925. Surprisingly there isn't any commemoration on the website. (I always suspected that NYer writers were wary of the internet.)

So in celebration here are two of my favorite New Yorker pieces, the first a short story, the second an essay.

The Smoker by David Schickler

On the Fringes of the Physical World by Meghan Daum

My favorite New Yorker writers include:
Alex Ross and his blog The Rest is Noise.
Adam Gopnik to whom I wrote an admiring email after his appearance on a French TV show. I congratulate any American who can counter a French talk show host in French on live TV.
Anthony Lane who shares my preference of hobbits over ewoks.

And of course, a cartoon.

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