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Tickle · the · Pear

typical weekend?

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Surprisingly MoBob and I fell into the same routine in Little Rock as we did in Ouagadougou : a Saturday full of sports, errands, and housework, followed by a quiet night at home. Although in Ouaga I never asked MB to help me cut out little figures out of plastic sheet protectors to symbolize “spirits” that will be reunited with their paper doll “physical bodies” to teach three year olds some pretty advanced and abstract doctrinal concepts. Everyone altogether now: “Poor Mohamed.” The squirrelly Sunbeams were all right on Sunday – only two tantrums and one on-the-floor wrestle. But I was touched when one of my Sunbeams got upset and his older sister came up to give him a hug and a kiss to comfort him. Seeing that made my Sunday.

On Sunday evening we were invited to a house-warming party at a colleague’s new apartment. The apartment complex was huge (we went to Building #18 and there were even more beyond) and in a very new and rather sterile part of West Little Rock. It was the first time MB met a number of my colleagues and he handled himself with aplomb. I left him to fend for himself and he ended up with two French-speaking young women and a young man who’d been a Peace Corps volunteer in Morocco. I liked hanging out with my colleagues, and managed to meet some guests who weren’t co-workers. It was a pretty young crowd though; I was one of the few who wasn’t wearing dreadlocks, a headscarf, and a dress over jeans.
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