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Miss Popularity

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A week ago, a friend of mine at work invited me to games night at her house on the 19th, the evening before Mohamed arrives. Then Friday night another work friend suggested organizing a “Last Night of Freedom” party in my honor, also on the 19th. What to do?

Friday night I went to 2nd Friday Art Night for the first time. We whiled away the early evening at the Historic Arkansas Museum where there was live music – a lady crooner channeling Patsy Cline and Peggy Lee from a stairway landing up above.

Not much happened over the long holiday weekend, except nurturing a slight cold, unpacking, moving stuff around with the help of my intrepid home teachers, and reading. I finished Biggest Elvis by P.F. Kluge and The American Ambassador by Ward Just, both recommendations from Book Lust. Biggest Elvis hit closest to home; if my parents hadn’t immigrated, I could easily have been one of those desperate, overly-educated young women looking for a way out.
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