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Tickle · the · Pear

David Schwimmer's issue of Vanity Fair

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Apparently David Schwimmer was on the flight from London to Chicago. I didn't see him but the flight attendants offered the issue of Vanity Fair that he had been reading. Unsigned, unfortunately. I took it thinking that I could use something to read, but the young lady behind me was so enamored of him, that I gave it to her instead.

So I'm finally back in Little Rock. I'll post about my trip to Ambam once I upload the photos. I can't believe I was traveling straight for two days. The worst part was that British Airways had instituted a one bag policy. When we transited through Heathrow the first time I had to check my rollie carry-on with the staff while in the terminal. Going back, the BA staff in Nairobi didn't announce anything, and I completely forgot and took my rollie with me. When I got to London I was told I had to check my bag. Alas, I had to go through fricken immigration and check-in all over again. Plus I had to pay $100 because I'd already checked in two bags. Thankfully this was at 6am and the flight to Chicago wasn't until 10:15, but it was still a time-consuming and nerve-racking experience. If I'd known I'd have to completely exit I'd have made plans to spend a few days and actually see people!
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