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Tickle · the · Pear

layovers and missed opportunities

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I need to get better at documenting my trips. I bring my journal with me and I actually end up writing more when I'm traveling (all the down time and lack of distraction by Little People) but I don't consistently record everything on LJ.

Because of summer vacations and the Eid holiday I wasn't able to change my itinerary. I went from Dhaka to Istanbul to London on Turkish Airways, and then British Airways to Washington. There's a directly flight between Istanbul and Washington but it was completely booked, as were the flights on Emirates, which is what I took to Dhaka. It was my first time on Turkish Airways. The planes were very nice with some lovely touches (flowers around the plane including the lavatories), and one of the lavatories actually was positioned over a window so natural light! and everyone got a pretty substantial travel kit. The safety movie was a Lego animation and the entertainment selection was extensive - I enjoyed watching "Rush Hour" the TV show - but the flight attendants were So Surly. Such a contrast with the cheery BA flight attendants. Also this time I had a female taxi driver take me to Washington-Dulles airport, for the first time ever.

I never think through my planning enough to actual take advantage of the layovers. I hadn't been to London or Istanbul in years. I actually have friends in London! I fly through Paris all the time and know the airport better than the city. (Granted, I also know Lyon better than Paris, but still.) My last trip when I was pregnant was to Penang, Malaysia. I spent the night in Hong Kong both ways and just...slept.
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