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Tickle · the · Pear

muscle memory

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A long time ago (pre-kid) I played on a tennis team. It was a lot of fun. A great group of women, and one of the very few times I enjoyed playing a sport. I'm one of the rare humans that doesn't get an energy buzz, so the weeknight and Saturday morning practices worked out well since I could directly conk out afterwards.

I ended up with tennis elbow and carpal tunnel after a couple of summers on the team. I hadn't picked up a racket since...2009? I was a little surprised when I asked Z what he wanted to do on the last weekend before they left for Morocco that he wanted to see the tennis tournament. Saturday was Community Day at the Citi Open and so we went, lugging our rackets. They had a huge area set up just for kids, with volunteers who tossed balls or showed the right techniques. We found half a court to ourselves and the three of us just hit.

It truly was muscle memory, long dormant but still there. It felt good. Tennis is probably the only sport that I'm more skilled at than MB, but he has greater strength and endurance. Z really enjoyed it too. Despite the heat and the sun we stayed on the court for about an hour. Here's hoping to more family tennis.
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