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Tickle · the · Pear

finally spring

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For the first time in years we did not get out of the car to check out the cherry blossoms. Now they are gone but at least the temperate spring weather is here.

One Saturday was actually perfect, and we took advantage by attending the local arts festival in our neighborhood.

The next day was rainy but we enjoyed ourselves at an art-themed birthday party and then Union Market for a "meat flower."

I was lucky to attend the new Peace Corps director's swearing-in ceremony. Sec. of Transportation Elaine Chao (a former PCD herelf) did the honors.

R&P came for their annual swing dance weekend and we met up with them at the Old Pancake House. Z had playdates the whole weekend. In between meetings for Diversity Declaration and the afterschool committee BBQ, I took a photo in our old neighborhood.
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