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Tickle · the · Pear

heading into the holidays

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We are lucky to live in a vibrant corner of a vibrant city, where one can stroll down to the nearest concert venue and listen to National Symphony Orchestra for free. It was a treat to see the musicians in jeans and to see the new conductor for the first time. The program was pretty eclectic and I enjoyed the American composers (Gershwin and Bernstein) the most. The orchestra seemed pretty squeezed on up on stage but they were game, and the concert was followed by an after-party with a DJ.

MoBob and Z attended literacy night that night and received a number of free books. We also went to the opening of the local ice skating rink on Friday night.

On Saturday evening we attended a delightful activity at the Jewish Community Center. The end of Sabbath is marked by the havdalah which is indicated by the appearance of three stars in a row. The JCC rented an indoor planterium and the kids then did little astronomy-related crafts, and ended with the havdalah prayers. I told MB that many of the activities could be easily adapted for Ramadan.

On Sunday morning we went to a little friend's Build-A-Bear birthday party. Z came home with a new friend named Jack.

Followed by our friend's open house, and I attended a board meeting, while "Flash" had another playdate. And thus the weekend ended.
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