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Tickle · the · Pear

long weekend

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This past week I had an unusual number of evening outings. In fact I think I only spent Friday night at home. I attended a number of committee meetings (for coop activities, for the PTA, and for the alum association) then rounded off the week with the Gender Chix, an informal group of women working in the same field. I still consider myself a Junior Chickadee despite the "senior" in my job title.

Poor Z had a stomach virus; unfortunately he still had an unpleasant memory of the flu shot last month and he heartily resisted the visit to the pediatrician on Friday. He was only mildly placated by a visit to the Fairy Godmother toy store afterwards.

He still had a slight fever on Saturday and we let him sleep in, then we saw the production of Color's Garden at the National Gallery of Art. MoBob said it was the best kids' theater he'd ever seen. (More than Knuffle Bunny at Adventure Theater?! Or Frog and Toad at Imagination Stage?!)

While waiting for the show to begin, Z and I opened up the portable art kit.

When we got home, I dug out my one book on Matisse to show Z some of the original works that had been featured in the show.

Looking dapper for the primary program at church.

Post-church decompression playdate.
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