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Tickle · the · Pear

Already August?!

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I forgot to mention that we went to see Wonder Woman. We saw it in 3D at the IMAX at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum. (How I love living in Washington DC.) B and her partner came over to hang out with Z. I liked the movie well enough. I preferred the first half, before Diana left the mystical island. Fun fact: Chris Pine went to Cal. (Class of 2002)

We went to see the Maryland Youth Ballet perform “Snow White” at Wolf Trap. It was a very kid-friendly production, and, luckily for us, two prominent roles for young men. The only downer was that there were only six dwarves, so they could be prettily arrayed around Snow White in perfect symmetry. We continued on to Superhero Day at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. We were hoping to hear the jazz concert at the annual Lotus Festival but a big storm ruined the evening. The skies were clear for a birthday party on Sunday for Z’s little friend whose family is moving to San Diego.

Of course living in Washington DC you run into politicians from time to time. Senator Rubio was just hanging out with his family cutting out superhero masks when he graciously agreed to a photo with MoBob.

During the week I participated in a panel for Kaya’s annual professional development series. It’s always hard for me to believe that I was once an intern myself, and now the people I interned for are my colleagues. There was another big storm and the long-anticipated Okee Dokee Brothers concert was cancelled. We were entertaining Z’s friend for the day while his dad packed up the house so we went to Badlands, the new indoor playspace, instead. We met up with another family and they happily played for four hours. It was a bit chaotic and crowded at first but by the end I was settled in the cafe with my laptop and free wi-fi.

Z had sore legs from all the carousing so he had a rough night and we let him sleep in. We had already missed church, and instead went to the National Arboretum for Arbor Fest. It was a little slog to get there once we were inside the grounds but I’m glad we did because the venue changes every year. It was a gorgeous day for tree climbing but Z opted instead for face paint and the kids’ concert.

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