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no place like home

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I arrived without any problems and found my two guys waiting for me at DCA. DCA has a branch of Ben's Chili Bowl so we had hot dogs and chili cheese fries for an early lunch. Then we came home and I slept hard until early Sunday morning.

It's still Ramadan so MoBob slept in for Father's Day, and then we went to Z's friend's birthday party. The kids enjoyed pummeling the pinata more than anything else.

Z started day camp. Luckily he has four other friends from school who are with him. Camp is at a school one metro stop over which was recently opened and renovated. I jokingly call it "the white kids' school" because it's airy and modern. The day camp serves a more affluent area but it's still diverse ethnically if not economically. The camp serves food (lunch and snacks) which is apparently unusual among summer camps. We had originally planned for Z to return to his daycare but the director changed and we don't get any preferential treatment anymore. Of course that got me started thinking about winter camp too. On federal holidays or no-school days Z goes to a music day camp at a local church. Ideally he could go to day camp at Alliance Francaise but it's a slog to get there. Same deal for summer camp at his Saturday French school. One day Z will be old enough that we can ship him off to the in-laws in France for the summer.
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