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Tickle · the · Pear

friends in far away places

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We had a good trip to see the project sites in the Liwonde area, about 4-5 hours from Lilongwe. There were a few minor annoyances, as with any trip, but we were an overall jovial group. Malawi is a gorgeous country.

My colleagues checking out a dammed stream.

We arrived back at the hotel on Friday evening. I slept like a log, and then on Saturday morning we had one last team meeting. I hired a car and driver for the afternoon and we sent in search of a Malawi soccer team jersey. No luck, but I did see more of the city, including the new stadium and the KFC. I took a long nap. That night I met up with our former intern who is now living in Malawi. She is doing well and I was glad to see her.

Today, Sunday was a "work" day since I had to finish up some tasks. I did take a long lunch and caught up with two friends whom I first met in Burkina Faso ten years ago. It was wonderful to see them. Back to the hotel and more work, and hopefully a video chat with my two guys.
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