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Tickle · the · Pear

ramadrama begins

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MoBob returned last Saturday from a quick trip to Indianapolis and met us at French class. Then we went on to the school BBQ/carnival. It was a cool overcast day and I felt for the CityYear volunteers who shivered in the dunking booth. Then it was on to a delightful production of Aladdin. Aladdin was played by a young Filipino-American and we all got a laugh when the mad magician said he was from المملكة المغربية al-Mamlakah al-Maghribiyah (Morocco). We had seen Aladdin with the Washington Ballet in January and Z seemed to have understood that the theater production was the same story but in a different format.

After church on Sunday, MB took Z to a production of Peter and the Wolf at the Kennedy Center. I'm not a big fan of the KC family theater - for one thing, it's not very kid-friendly, as it's a traditional theater set-up and no one ever tells you that you can pester an elderly usher for a cushion to elevate your child - but Z looooooves watching the video of the Royal Ballet's performance. This production is a version where Peter is transplated to Los Angeles and the DVD/CD is narrated by...Alice Cooper. No Alice Cooper at the KC but the video projection was accompanied by a live orchestra.

Kennedy Center tickets are pricey so I'd only bought two tickets and since MB had just come back I suggested that they go together. I, on the other hand, went to Target. By myself. It was absolutely blissful. Then I met two friends for snacks at the local restaurant. SO MUCH FUN.

The first day of Ramadan was yesterday. I hauled out our stash of Ramadan books for Z and he and I did the annual countdown garland. As we do at Christmas we read a special book every night (book advent) and then Z takes a loop off the garland when MB breaks his fast.

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