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there and back

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On my last day in Jo'burg, a friend came by the hotel on her way to Pretoria. She had been traveling recently as well and I'm so glad she made the time to visit. Next time - better planning for more fun!

One of my colleagues told me while we were in Jo'burg that he had often been stopped entering the US, even though he is a US citizen. He's originally from Jordan and of course has a Muslim name and a *very* slight accent. When we boarded the plane to Atlanta, I pretended he was my husband and he STILL got stopped by the gate agent. Grr. Thankfully we didn't have any problems in Atlanta.

Even though I was still jet-lagged Z and I went to see a wonderful performance of Aladdin with the Washington Ballet. We enjoyed it for a multitude of reasons - lots of kids in the cast, young men playing prominent roles, and a tale from Z's dad's region. In the meantime, even though he was still sickly, MoBob went to see a traditional Moroccan music group at the Kennedy Center.

The weekend continued with a little party for a baby born in Japan, and then Z and I went to see Grug and the Rainbow, based on an Australian series for kids. Monday night, still groggy, I went to a board meeting for Arts on the Horizon in which we planned for our next big fundraiser.

MB went to Louisville for work and enjoyed the Muhammad Ali Center, while I got caught up in all the World Water Day festivities.

Apart from Z's French class, this past weekend consisted of suit shopping for MB at JCPenney's (*shudder*) and seeing To Sail Around the Sun, based on Vivaldi's Four Seasons. It was a little long for the audience of families and a little abstract for me, but Z was enraptured the whole time.

I got the save the date for our 30th high school reunion. Bleah.

Also: I'm packing for Tanzania (departure on Friday) and the Philippines with all of us (April 14).

modern dance, toddler style
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