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Tickle · the · Pear

early spring

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I don't want to say it's the new normal, but it's definitely the new reality. Last Friday I went to our local middle school (where Z would go eventually) to greet the new Secretary of Education, and MoBob to a info session with immigration lawyers organized for the Moroccan-American community. We really didn't do much for V-Day since Z was down with a tummy bug, which he went on to pass to MB and myself. We are all fine now but it was not pleasant.

We were well enough attend a wonderful dinner with a group of people who all knew each other from Burkina Faso. The hosts lived in an expansive house in the Maryland countryside. It was a nice fantasy, but I knew the commute and upkeep and isolation would wear us all down.

We went to visit City Wildlife for the annual open house. City Wildlife rehabilitates urban creatures. We had pitched the visit to Z as seeing baby squirrels, but alas, they were very excitable and so hidden behind a sheet - so we *heard* them. It was oddly like the National Zoo - animals that did not emerge as promised.

There's a sick turtle in there.

Work continues to be super busy, and I've been gone to a couple of evening events. I went on a rare visit to my grad school alma mater to attend a session on "finding your voice" which was presented by a former opera singer. There was advice on physical side (breathe) and on the attitude side (project confidence!). The crowd definitely skewed young but I saw one classmate, and a third was on the panel discussion afterwards, and one of panelists was a Fil-Am woman, a rare sight especially at the super senior level she was at.

I went out to dinner with other board members to discuss our next big fundraising event. It was a nice mix of fun mom talk and business. I don't think people realize that when NEH and NEA are cut, it means cuts to organizations like this one. Who is against theater for little kids?

Saturday was so mild - we went to a playdate in the morning, then on to the Presidents' Day Family Fest. Our routine for the National Portrait Gallery/Smithsonian American Art Museum is set: MB drops us off at Shake Shack to find parking, we order to go and meet inside Kogod Courtyard.

celebrity president sighting

We made a quick visit to the library and then enjoyed the balmy weather some more at our local playground, before going to an adoption party. We are really lucky to have a nice community in our neighborhood, centered on Z's school.

After church, we took Z to a class at the Smithsonian. The classes we've taken previously were a combination of activity + museum visit. This time kids rotated around four different arts and craft stations on the theme of music. It was cute, but in the end Z spent more time playing with another little boy and placing different animals in a princess castle.

making music

​Firday was a professional development day so Z attended a music day camp at a local conservatory with several friends from school. Tomorrow is a federal holiday, but both MB and I are going into the office. Z will be at an arts day camp​ which ends at 2:30pm so hopefully we'll have some time to play too.
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