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I actually have on my calendar that I should update my blog every Tuesday to account for all the weekend fun. Sadly, I've been remiss, especially since I can't access LJ at work. So now I'm committed to drafting a blog post and uploading it later.

I've been doing pretty well on reading. I just finished The Rook which I enjoyed very much. I've requested the sequel and I just discovered the "readers also enjoyed" feature on Good Reads. Although I'd read the DaVinci Code I wasn't a big fan - I liked Katherine Neville's books better, and will definitely try out the recommendations from Good Reads.

MoBob was at his post-accident massage appointment last night. Z and I actually had a nice family home evening after dinner. Usually for FHE I review whatever his Sunday school lesson was in French but I haven't been consistent. Sunday's lesson was "I am grateful for fish" which was about Jonah and the whale. We have a couple of illustrated Bibles in French and I read the story to Z, and he asked a lot of questions. He was especially intrigued by the whale (or fish) spitting Jonah back onto shore. Then we played with the ocean-themed felt set that I'd made last month.

Happy Chinese New Year!
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