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radical hospitality

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This week was unusually busy both at work and at home. I left the house this morning with clean laundry still out and an unwrapped birthday present for an afternoon party. I had a couple of board meetings in the evening, and last night we did our monthly volunteer gig at the DC Diaper Bank. Today I'm at a "boot camp" for non-profit board members, which is kind of a nice reprieve from household chaos.

I like to say we provided "support services" for the Women's March. We hosted three guests (a mom and daughter who drive in from Michigan whom we met via a friend from church, and a friend whom we knew in Burkina Faso who took the bus from Maine), and MoBob volunteered at the school, where the PTA sold parking spots for inauguration and march days. We offered to host Z's friends whose parents wanted to March. Saturday evening we had dinner with other Burkina Faso friends with pizza from Comet Ping Pong, and a side visit to Politics and Prose.

I also participated in a Mormon feminist retreat. (They marched together on Saturday.) What a wonderful group of women - I hope I see them again. We cried and prayed together. I am lucky to have such intense spiritual experiences with my sisters from church.

feminist in training
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