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Tickle · the · Pear

short work week

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Next week Z only has two days of school because of the MLKJ holiday (Monday), professional development day (Thursday), and Inauguration (Friday). And of course the weather sucks this time of year, and most of the fun things we do are closed on federal holidays. Another mom and I were laughing about how, before kids, there was so much spontaneity and leisure, and now long weekends or any weekdays off cause mental disarray and extra expense.

Since my office is between the White House and the Capitol (and next to the Trump Hotel), and our home is one metro stop away from the Mall, next week will be a logistical challenge. We have several folks staying with us for the March, so at least the prospect of telework means we can prepare for their arrival with more flexibility. MoBob works in Virginia, but many of his colleagues live in the District, so his office is also affected by the road closures and security measures. To complicate matters, MB is going on a business trip from Monday morning to Wednesday evening. And we still don't have a new car.

I just finished reading The Trespasser by Tana French. I was 140 or so on the library's hold list so they must've gotten multiple copies because it was released in September and I got it in December. I enjoyed it; it was less atmospheric and more urban than her previous novels, and thankfully this time there were no lingering unresolved questions, like in her other books. I wonder what Tana French will do next, since each of her novels builds upon characters introduced in the others, and with the latest, they are all "done."
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