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Tickle · the · Pear

Charlie Brown tree

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Last Friday was a professional development day for the teachers, and I was at the office, so MoBob took the day off and they went to see the "Seasons of Light" show at Discovery Theater (at the Smithsonian). MB said they did a good job of highlighting *all* the holidays.

Z didn't seem to mind that he was the only solo participant in a sea of school groups.

We hosted a friend of MB's from Morocco who was here for a conference. We picked up our Christmas tree and spent Saturday at the Smithsonian. We stuck to the National Museum of American History while MB and his friend went further afield.

The Muppet exhibit was quite dispersed - Miss Piggy was in one location, and Bert and Ernie in another. We only lasted through half of "The Muppet Christmas."

The Spark Lab was cool.

But Wegman's Wonderland was a clear favorite.

The portable art kit was a big hit while we waited for the Muppet movie to start.

Saturday finally ended with a school fundraiser at our local burger place. We were too tired to continue to the Parade of Boats but we watched the fireworks from afar. On Sunday MB and Z and our guest went outlet shopping, while I attended the founding meeting for a diversity initiative and then Feminist FHE. MB just flew to Battle Creek MI today and so our barren tree awaits his return.
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