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Tickle · the · Pear

Halloween, etc.

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Z is still in denial that Halloween is only one day and IT'S OVER. Life is hard for a three-nager! MoBob left for a week in Indiana and Ohio so he missed out on the festivities.

We are lucky that we can go T&T in our own complex.

I went to a discussion on Fil-Am cuisine at the Philippine Embassy, which happily included food.

In the meantime, MB took Z to the Strathmore to a show on blues music for kids.

Friday was another day of no school (and we have more three day weekends coming up) but the Halloween festivities had already started at the library.

On Saturday, we went to the Washington International Horse Show for the first time.

We made two sweet potato casseroles - one for home and one for a Halloween party.

Captain America!

We rounded out the weekend with the Primary program (all the kids sang) at church and then a visit to Cox Farms.
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