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Tickle · the · Pear


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We had a good mix of activities. For the first time we went to the Synetic Theater for a production of Music Box. Then we took the Metro to see the Art of the Qu'ran where we met MoBob, and we continued on to PumpkinPalooza in our neighborhood.

Learning about geometric forms and watercolors.

Walking back home under a gorgeous sky after PumpkinPalooza.

MB took Z to Cox's Farm for a reunion with daycare friends.

Then a trip to Hogwarts for a birthday party.

This month's homework project was to create a family tree.

Easy pumpkin decorating - no pumpkin guts!

The Pre-K kids had their own fall festival at school.

October is Filipino-American History Month. I was invited to a White House event with presidential kisses and a traditional dance group.

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