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Tickle · the · Pear

another three day weekend

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Long weekends start on Friday evenings and dry-erase marker animals!

Saturday was rainy, and consequently our trip on the Halloween Train was cancelled, but Z still enjoyed constructing a car and seeing a movie at the "drive-in" at the library. (I was at a volunteer event so missed out on all the fun.)

On Sunday after church, we visited the library and the adjoining playground. We ended up looking at eight books about Batman and his friends, with a couple of Lego books tossed in for variety. Z has has own library card now and enjoys picking out books.

MoBob's office is in on Columbus Day/Indigenous People's Day so that they can take off the day after Thanksgiving, so Z and I were on our own for Monday. We had quite an epic adventure around town, especially with the beautiful weather.

First, we went to Reading Rangers story time at the Mary McLeod Bethune House. It was our first visit to the famous educator's home.

Then we visited, again for the first time, the Children's Garden at the US Botanic Gardens, and then explored the other parts of the gorgeous complex.

The Bartholdi Garden across the street was closed for renovations, so we continued on to the American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial.

We finished the day in the best way possible: hot dogs and ice cream on the Mall.
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