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Tickle · the · Pear

finally fall! (temp-wise)

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As usual, an exciting week full of adventures...

We visited another school for Z's language assessment. We had put French as one of the languages at home for the school forms and that triggered all sorts of bureaucracy.

Z is a big fan of the neighborhood jazz ensemble.

I lunched with a Peace Corps friend who was here for the annual RPCV conference, then co-hosted the return of Gender Happy Hour on Twitter. The second RPCV event I attended was a very nice reception at the Philippine Embassy.

We visited Adventure Theater for the first time, to see the hilarious Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Musical. Any show that features a Giant Dancing Pink Bra is a winner in my book. Presumably the Dancing Bra was edited out of the performance in Bahrain.

Then it was off to the National Book Festival, always a treat. Our only celebrity sighting was Stephen King, whose interview took place in a booth on the way to the children's section.

Z jumped up and down with excitement at the sight of Maisy Mouse. (Or as he knows her in French, Mimi La Souris.)

But managed to stay still with the Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Z and MoBob went on to the Barracks Row Street Festival, where Z visited with a familiar animal.

Then it was on to the local library for the Dinosaur Party. The sandbox was the most popular pre-historic destination.

The Very Long Saturday ended with a birthday party with our Moroccan friends. After church on Sunday we snacked at the munch and mingle, and then headed to another birthday party at the neighborhood playground with friends from school. Captain America was a new favorite.

Then we made an appearance at the complex's pizza party to welcome fall.

Finally, even Captain America needed help for Sunday night homework.
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