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Tickle · the · Pear

Labor Day Weekend

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We started ballet classes.

We listened to Mr. Josh during pajama story time.

We sang with Mme Marie for French song circle, and then enjoyed the delightful park adjacent to the library.

Then it was off to the Textile Museum for some crafting and learning about traditional lace-making.

We went to a community event at Blind Whino, the neighborhood arts space.

Then Mommy went to see handsome men fight on stage during an open rehearsal of Romeo + Juliet, and then we all met up again for a potluck after church.

We went to the Kennedy Center for the Page to Stage Festival. The crocodile hat was more exciting than workshopping The Adventures of Mr. Bear, followed by free picnic lunches.

We closed out Labor Day by meeting our friends at the water feature in Yards Park and said goodbye to summer with ice cream.
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