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Tickle · the · Pear

the last weekend of summer!

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I'm impressed with Z's school - we had a home visit from his teacher, he already knew the school and some of the kids from the summer playdates, and we get regular updates throughout the day via the Class Dojo app. The school honored our request to place him in a mixed Pre-K3/Pre-K4 class, and he seems to enjoy it, or at least declare, "I'm tired!" at the end of the day.

A well-deserved ice cream at the monthly night market, and then on to a goodbye party for our friends leaving for Austin, Texas.

Z and MoBob had visited the playground at Wheaton Regional Park last year, but this was first visit to the adorable train station and carousel.

Z and MB got their haircuts and then we walked to Arena Stage for their annual "carnival."

Z still had a lot of wiggles left so he and MB went off to another favorite playground, Clemyjontri. And then we were ready for a new week!
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