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Tickle · the · Pear

10 days

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As always, lots of excitement in Casa de Zacky.

We rescued a pigeon. Unfortunately, it was to no avail; the pigeon had a severe spinal injury. But we appreciate the Washington Humane Society, DC Animal Care and Control, City Wildlife, and 311 for doing their best. Z still asks "Where is Mommy's bird?" and my throat tightens each time.

In transit.

The Uke Festival got moved indoors because of inclement weather.

Friday night fishing was followed by an outdoor concert and then dinner at the new seafood restaurant, Whaleys, and ice cream from Jubilee's.

At the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair, we looked at the dairy value chain.

During one of the last days at the daycare center, Z was a Grumpy Pirate.

At the back to school party, he was also Grumpy Batman.

We said goodbye to our friends at the daycare and gave our favorite teachers a thank you card and a small gift.

For our one and only beach trip, we visited quiet North Beach, Maryland.

When the baby waves got tiresome, Z retreated to his private pool.

Then all of a sudden it was the first day of school.

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