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Tickle · the · Pear

as summer winds down

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We had another mid-week adventure, this time at Canal Park. We played mini-golf and splashed in the water scrim while a live band performed. Then we had cake and pizza.

We spent Saturday on the National Mall. The National Gallery of Art organized a showing of short films by Pixar. They were shown in chronological order and it was clear how much animation had grown more sophisticated, and the accompanying soundtracks were just as striking as the visuals. There were a few pieces related to current franchises (Toy Story, Up, Monsters' Inc.) and the rest were stand-alone. Overall a delight to watch. My personal favorites were La Luna and Partly Cloudy.

Z's class at the Smithsonian was early that afternoon so we had lunch in the underground NGA café and then played on the grass for awhile, and soaked our feet in the sculpture garden fountain. It was getting hot so we entered the National Museum of Natural History and looked at the Ocean exhibit. Z's class was on light and colors, based on Monet's art, so the kids did a little earth/sun craft, used MagnaTiles on a light table, and painted with watercolors. The class ended with a discussion of Monet's paintings of the Cathedral at Rouen back at the NGA.

On Sunday, we decided to re-visit Brookside Gardens, now that everything was in heady, summer bloom. And then some indoor fun at ClimbZone and huge meal topped off with cotton candy ice cream.

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