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Last night after "speed mentoring" with Kaya I decided to walk from 16th St. to Dupont Circle. On a whim I stepped into Kramerbooks. Sadly, though I love books and I love reading, I don't venture often into bookstores. I'd forgotten the pleasure of just randomly poking around and discovering things. I ended up with Thomas Jefferson's Qur'an: Islam and the Founders for MoBob and Happy City for myself. Yes, I could've gotten either (or both) at the library or used on amazon.com, but I probably wouldn't have thought to do so if I hadn't been just browsing.

Our weekend started with a performance by the Children of the Gospel Choir. Z was enraptured.

We spent Saturday at Z's (soon to be) new school - first for a community playdate, then for a BBQ to meet the new principal. Then MB and I left Z in the capable hands of our home teacher and his wife and went to see Ghostbusters. It was funny, not hilarious, but clever - and I was more excited about the all-female cast than anything else. The cameos by some of the original cast members were a nice touch.

On Sunday we went on several adventures after church. Although we'd visited Glen Echo Park several times, this was Z's first time on the carousel, followed by ice cream and a peek at the Spanish ballroom.

Since we were going to pass through that part of DC anyway, we decided to try to find the glass forest, one of those quirky DC destinations.

We finished up the weekend with the awesome spraypark and climbing wall at Palisades Rec Center.

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