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Tickle · the · Pear

summer in full swing

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Long days means lots of fun - although I did squeeze in several delicious naps, including one under a tree.

We enjoyed the monthly night market.

We met Sponge Bob at the National Postal Museum. (Z wasn't interested in the photo op.)

Then we visited Union Station.

Z started swim lessons. I went to our friends' baby/toddler happy hour at their happily chaotic home behind the Masonic temple. Then I had DINNER.

We played in the fountain at Yards Park when the new marina opened.

We did a Ramadan activity at the daycare. The same week I did a Relief Society activity on women in the scriptures and attended a Cal alum board meeting.

We visited the Smithsonian Folklife festival, featuring California and Basques.

We were delighted on a visit to Green Spring Gardens, a new destination on the summer fun list.

This year's blockbuster exhibit at the National Building Museum was ICEBERGS. But the most fun was lounging about on the ice floe pillows.

We ventured to Montrose Park in Georgetown, a surprisingly shabby (but clean) park in a wealthy neighborhood.

The holiday weekend ended with breaking the fast under the trees followed by ​cloudy fireworks viewed from our neighborhood​.

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