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Tickle · the · Pear

ending May

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As always, lots of fun stuff happened.

Our friend C retired from the Navy. It was our first visit to the Navy Museum even though it's in our neighborhood.

We went to visit the butterflies at the Smithsonian but were more interested in the ancient crocodiles.

Local fauna is no less exotic, especially when squirrel spotting with the binoculars.

We checked out the IKEA-designed playroom at the House of Sweden.

We visited the Baltimore Aquarium for the first time.

We went out with Mozambique friends for Filipino food. We helped organize a Relief Society activity on gardens and gardening with the theme of "Bloom Where You Are Planted" and gave away seed bombs as favors. We went to the Cal alumni board meeting and visited an open house for Saturday French classes. We talked about emergency preparedness at church, and attended a law school graduation party.

And then we went to California.
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