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Tickle · the · Pear

when DC feels like San Francisco (or Berkeley, or Santa Cruz)

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Some pockets of DC (the fish market, Malcolm X Park, the glass forest) and some events (the DC drag race, the running of the chihuahuas, the lotus festival, the candlelight vigil at the Titanic Memorial) seem far far away from the uptight, stiff, federal city.

That was definitely the case with the DC Funk Parade last weekend. The day started with Mme Marie and French song circle, and then we met up with another daycare family for the annual Truck Touch in Silver Spring.

the wheels on the (school) bus

Then MoBob took Z to a Moroccan association picnic and I went on (by myself!) to the Funk Parade. (more photos on dcist.com)


A bit of Carnival.

Her Honor.

For Mother's Day we returned to staid DC. After the lovely program at church for *all* women (MB joined the brethren in corraling the kidlets), we had a nice buffet brunch at Pinstripes in Georgetown and then strolled around the waterfront park.

My guys with one of the symbols of the Washington Establishment, the Kennedy Center, in the background.
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