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We made the most of a dark and rainy weekend. Although our activities were inside, Z still had some quality running around time at a park near MoBob's office before a flaming Japanese lunch and a visit from his nursery teachers, and then we hosted MoFem FHE. Continuing on the religious note, the missionaries came over for the "official" family home evening. I was surprised, nay, shocked, that Z is displaying his knowledge of church stuff - apparently he prays with the right stance (arms folded, eyes closed), shouts out the right answers during nursery, and correctly identifying Christ on the pass along cards that the missionaries had left. All this to say that I don't actively teach any or all of this at home, but somehow he remembers from watching me and from attending church.

We started the weekend at the weekly jazz night at Westminster Church. Although this is a long established neighborhood tradition, this was the first time I'd gone. MB and Z were unable to find parking so I enjoyed the concert alone. I made an effort this time because it was the last evening of Washington Women in Jazz Festival, and I'd always wanted to see Shannon Gunn and the Bullettes, an all-female (with one gentleman) small-scale big band jazz ensemble. I was especially impressed with the two guest musicians, one young lady in high school, the other from Towson State.

We visited the Kreeger Museum for the first time on Saturday, for a kids' activity. I didn't think the event was as interesting as similar activities we'd gone to, but I am definitely motivated to return for a real visit - on my own!

Learning about Alexander Calder.

Art appreciation?

Since it began to rain, we ventured on to the new aquarium at Glen Echo Park. It was small and friendly, and we definitely want to return when the weather is nicer for the pirate ship and the outdoor play area.

Learning about horseshoe crabs.

The yellow submarine.

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