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Tickle · the · Pear

Saturday to Thursday

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We did stuff! And it wasn't all about Z!

OK, some of it was about Z. Our local school/Z's future school held another community playdate on Saturday morning. Then we went to see the Glow Rabbits at Yards Park. Then we had another wonderful group of friends over for dinner - "only" four kids this time including Z - and all reportedly slept well when they reached home.

Giant rabbit alert!

A breezy and clear day on the Anacostia.

The following day we visited the playground at the rec center across the street.

We left Z at home to see Star Wars at the IMAX Theater at the Air and Space Museum. Disappointingly there wasn't a separate entrance for the theater so we had to wait in line for security along with every tourist in DC, and there wasn't a separate ticket window for will-call, so we had to wait in line with everyone who wanted to see "Journey to Space 3D" and "D Day: Normandy." We managed to get in on time. MoBob enjoyed the movie on its own merits, while I watched with 30+ years of memories. I teared up when the Millenium Falcon took off. Although I wish the movie didn't leave so many loose ends. How Star Wars The Force Awakens Should Have Ended I really enjoyed the different analyses of the costume design. Also: Bill Weasley and General Hux are the same person! *sad trombone*

We left Z at home again to watch the Wizards beat the Sixers. It was a surprisingly exciting game - the Wizards lost and then regained the lead. We have now seen every male and female professional sports team in Washington DC except for the Redskins.

I didn't know that Wolf Blitzer's expertise included sports.

We didn't get on the kiss cam, but it was still a little creepy nonetheless to discover that cameras were watching anyway.
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