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As far as fun stuff is concerned, the weekend started last Wednesday evening, when we went to see the emotionally searing The City of Conversation which featured my dear friend Jjana in one of the supporting roles. Even though the play took place over three administrations (Carter, Reagan, and Obama - because of course that's how we count time in Washington DC), the family divisions over politics is sadly common. Then on Thursday evening we hosted Gender Happy Hour on Twitter and got an assortment of new participants on a lively discussion about connecting domestic and international women's issues.

When the weekend officially started on Saturday we went first to French singing time in Takoma Park.

Then on to the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery for Presidents Fun Day, with the fun Presidents.

We made Abe hats.

But the Fife and Drum Corps were a bit much.

I took advantage of our visit to see the Irving Penn exhibit. I went for the fashion photography but was entranced by the ethnographic staged photos of Morocco and Papua New Guinea, which reminded me of the Congo photos from the Man Ray exhibit at the Phillips several years ago. I also walked through the Eye Pop exhibit which was basically photos of famous people in different formats. I liked the Virgin Mary iconography of Britney Spears and the video portrait of Esmerelda Spalding.

On Sunday we went to church but Z went home early because he blossomed with an allergic reaction after consuming a candied pecan. I stayed on to teach Relief Society and our discussion evolved into stories of forgiveness. After church we took a long nap and then visited the library for Valentine crafting.

passive-aggressive Valentines

Monday was cold and clear and topped with a thin layer of snow. We visited the National Gallery of Art for a series of animated films for kids about winter. Then we lunched at the underground restaurant and enjoyed the snow some more.

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