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Tickle · the · Pear

a day in the life (ideally)

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I've had mixed success following my schedule - some days are better than others - but I'm improving!

wake up!
read scriptures, pray, guided meditation

work-out - we have two sessions with a personal trainer a week and on the third day I meet up with my exercise partner

shower, get dressed, and have breakfast

MoBob and Z wake up, get dressed, and have breakfast
I check email, organize my work bag, prep lunch and snacks for myself, set up anything for dinner like the crockpock; maybe process stuff in my inbox

leave for daycare and work (extremely lucky if we're out the door by now)

8:30 - 5:30

MB picks me up, then Z
run any errands like the ATM or grocery story


6:30 - 8:00
watch the news while Z plays, make/have dinner together (TV is off!) and possibly watch "Jeopardy"

Z's bedtime routine - bath/toothbrushing, pj's, milk, stories, and prayer
(if it's Monday night, Family Home Evening is my reviewing with Z the primary lesson from the previous Sunday in French)

Sleep...unless I'm sucked into the internet vortex or reading a good book.

Sometimes MB or I have events during the evening. Of course our weekends are very different, though Sundays are pretty consistent with church from 9 to 12, and some sort of mellow activity in the afternoon like going to a park. The main thing is that we accomplish all the errands during the weekend so that our weekends are completely available - including time for naps.
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