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New Year’s isn’t a big deal for us, even though the 31st is also our wedding anniversary - lucky number 13 this year. My neighbor hosted a girls’ night in and for brief period Z joined us, but we left the cheer and conversation around 9:30pm.

On the first day of January, we attended our friends’ Hungarian-Norwegian open house. MoBob and Z visited the urban farm menagerie and then retired to the basement playroom, while I planted myself next to the magically self-replenishing salmon platter. One of highlights of the afternoon was seeing Dennis Kucinich (hey, it’s DC!).

We had a long Saturday starting with the pancake breakfast-stretching-into-brunch Primary welcome at church, and then we attended a lively (and seriously professional) performance of A Year with Frog and Toad. MB and I have read the series together, and now I’ll have to find a toddler-friendlier version to read to Z.

Sunday was pretty mellow, with a trip to Z-Burger after church and then an evening at Magic Ground, the indoor playground that’s becoming the favorite destination for toddler energy when it’s too cold and dark to venture outside.

Z is rapidly turning into a little boy - he now brushes his teeth (with one of us) at the bathroom sink on his new bench, chooses his own clothes, and puts his toys away (with “encouragement”) before getting ready for bed.

constructive male engagement starts early
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