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Tickle · the · Pear

balmy winter

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It’s been unseasonably warm (climate change!) so it kind of feels like Christmas in California. One of the local churches organized a tree give-away so we finally picked up our tree on Saturday morning, but we didn’t get around to decorating until Tuesday evening.

Our church open house took place on Saturday; I’d signed up to help at one of the crafting tables but Z wasn’t cooperating so we spent the morning in the train room, i.e. one of the classrooms filled with train tracks and trains. There was a lot of coverage in the local media and the mayor showed up too. Afterwards we strolled around Eastern Market and bought a firefighter helmet at The Fairy Godmother toy shop/bookstore and a jar of preserved lemons from the Tunisian pottery stand.

"Je suis pompier!" (I am a firefighter!)

Enjoying the Capitol Hillbillies' performance.

Excitedly riding the bus home.

That night we attended a cookie exchange party where one guest said that slightly burned sugar cookies were his favorite.

After church on Sunday we attended the annual holiday sing-a-long at the Atlas Theater where Z excitedly did downward dogs during “Here Comes Santa Claus.” So now we know how much he pays attention during his Power Tots class.
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