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Tickle · the · Pear

easing into the holiday season

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Wasn't Halloween, like, yesterday?! And next week is already December....

We were all sick for most of the weekend. In order of severity, MoBob, myself, and Z. Z actually was fine, though his asthma seemed to act up at night with more coughing. I took a lot of preventive meds and took Monday off. MB was the worst and he's traveling to South Africa today (!) so I was concerned that he'd be stuck even more miserable than usual one of the longest commercial flights.

We managed to rouse ourselves to attend an activity at Tudor Place. It was OK - Thanksgiving-themed circle time with songs, stories, and ending with coloring - Z seemed to enjoy the giant Legos the most. I was hoping for a glimpse of the actual house but we stayed in an auxiliary building. Perhaps where the farm manager lived? If we were feeling better we would've walked up the street to Dumbarton Oaks but we went straight home to sleep instead.

Toddlers running wild around antiques!

I felt well enough to join a fireside for the launch of Mormon Feminism: Essential Writings on Saturday evening. I had met the authors on previous occasions and I was thrilled to see essays by many women whom I've come to admire and a few I've met in person. We had a good discussion about the selection process.

On Sunday our congregation had the honor of welcoming President Nelson for our chapel dedication. I wonder if he noticed our rainbow pins? Our new chapel is absolutely gorgeous and I burst into tears upon entering.

Z wanted to wear the big shoes for the big event.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving with several other families. I made sweet potato casserole and garlicky green beens (the secret is the flavor packet from instant ramen). We are very lucky and thankful to have the life we have.
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