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Tickle · the · Pear


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Last week was unusually busy social-wise. On Thursday, I saw a number of my MoFem friends at the THRIVE Gulu fundraiser at one of my favorite restaurants, Hank's Oyster Bar. On Friday, I tried out Endo Sushi with a friend, and snuck a trip to Container Store afterwards.

On Saturday, we met with a friend from high school and met her friend (new friend!) at District Kitchen for brunch. I was impressed that the bacon strips were carefully served in the form of a star. We went on to a birthday party - we arrived early so we entertained the birthday girl while the parents set up.

The birthday girl on the pool balcony.

The birthday highlight was a lady clown who performed Motown songs with socially responsible messages like "Don't smoke!" After the party MoBob took Z home for a nap and I went on to Tysons Corner to meet my friend and her tween daughter and daughter's friend for a big snack at Nordstrom Cafe. Then we attended a performance of the Go Go Symphony at a gorgeous modern church. We'd seen GGS at the Atlas theater earlier this year and it was just as much fun this time. The musicians looked like they were really enjoying themselves.

As a Green Line resident I appreciated the Green Line Symphony.

On Sunday, we ventured way out into the burbs to visit with two friends and their families who had stayed with me in Rabat. I was impressed that they both kept detailed journals and read out loud excerpts of their visit and the rest of their trip throughout Africa.

The small human is not so small anymore.
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