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Tickle · the · Pear

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Although it seemed as if we did a lot this past weekend, we did squeeze in two long-ish (at least two hours) delicious naps. Actually the Saturday nap wasn't as fulfilling, as Z insisted on playing, so while MoBob and I managed to doze on and off, it was like sleeping in a construction site.

We had a team lunch on Friday at the Founding Farmers in Tysons. I'd only been to the one in town before, and this branch had a distinctly wealthy and sleek suburban vibe.

Saturday was rainy and gloomy but we made our way to Takoma Park for singing time in French with Madame Marie, who noted how much Z had grown.

We ran a couple of errands and then home for the aforementioned nap, then MB took Z to the Alliance Française to see A Monster in Paris as part of the Kids Euro Festival. I thought I had my Relief Society training at that time, but it was actually on Sunday, so I huddled in bed with a pile of magazines.

That evening the rain had cleared somewhat and we decided to attend Side Yards, which was kind of like a mini-carnival on the Anacostia. We ran into Z's daycare friend and his family, and saw lots of other friends from a distance.

The balloon animal lady on stilts.

The Primary Program at church was a delight, as it always is. Sunday's weather was absolutely gorgeous and we took advantage by visiting the duck pond and followed by a stroll along the Washington Channel to the Titanic Memorial.

Back home, Z and I settled down for a nap, MB returned home, I attended the Relief Society teacher training, and then we enjoyed a tagine together. And thus another weekend ended.
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