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Tickle · the · Pear

Halloween/Day of the Dead

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Halloween was a hit or miss affair when I was kid, and MoBob didn't really experience the madness until we moved back to the US. So planning Halloween for Z was fun for both of us. I tried to appreciate the reality that this is probably the last year that I can tell Z what to wear.

I wasn't this committed to a costume though.

We visited the Alliance Française for crafts, games, and storytime.

We recycled the outfit from the SCOTUS-themed birthday party earlier this year so that Z can dress up as an activist judge. We went T or T-ing around the complex and ended the evening at a low-key costume party.

Growing up in California I was familiar with the Day of the Dead, and I was happy to take Z to the celebration at the National Museum of the American Indian. Here Z is contemplating the Virgin Mary/Eve/Heavenly Mother.

We visited the library afterwards and then the duck pond.

Z looooves flashlights so while MB had a conference call last night we set up "camp" in the living room and watched the light's magic.
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