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Tickle · the · Pear

waning days

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The days are getting shorter and darker but we love fall in Washington DC!

Someone wanted to wear Babba's shoes.

Lots of Halloween crafting.

One Saturday we saw our favorite local band, Rocknocerous.
Here they are with Bob Dorough, one of the original voices on Schoolhouse Rock. I was at the anniversary concert at the Kennedy Center as a preggy lady.

Then on to the Halloween train at Cabin John Regional Park.

The next Saturday we were excited for Z's first cinema experience: Miffy the Movie. The screening was sponsored by the Dutch Embassy as part of the Kids Euro Festival. Z paid rapt attention for the entire 70 minutes.

A mini-Polaroid hug with Miffy.

Giant Miffy.

Celebrating Miffy's 60th birthday courtesy of Georgetown Cupcakes.
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