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Tickle · the · Pear

three days for us, two days for MoBob

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We started the beautiful fall weekend off with a rainy night with our friends for a chili potluck. We gathered in the garage while the storm came through, and then the kids played in the puddles in the courtyard while the adults huddled.

We visited Frying Pan Park Farm, which was a mellow alternative to the frenzied farms that we've visited before. We said hello to the animals, took a wagon tour, rode the carousel, and watched the horseback riding class finish.

We continued the farm theme by checking out Old City Farm and Guilde. It's a nice little complex in the middle of a transitional neighborhood; we inspected the bales of hay and the tiny house, and bought a real pumpkin. That evening we met with visiting friends from France for dinner at Due South, another newish restaurant in the neighborhood. It was OK. For "new" southern food I think I prefer Eatonville.

MoBob had to work on Columbus Day - his office decided to take the day after Thanksgiving off instead - so Z and I went to see Stay Awake on our own. I hadn't realized that the play was part of the Women's Voices Theater Festival, and and we had met the playwright/director at the mobile making workshop on Labor Day. We ran into friends (because of course), and per Z's request, we took the bus there and back. It was a little stressful without a stroller but Z seemed to have enjoyed himself.
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