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Tickle · the · Pear

birthday weekend

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It is a little weird thinking that I am edging closer to 50 instead of 40 now. The weekend was gloomy and rainy, and I indulged in some of my favorite activities, mainly wandering aimlessly around Target and eating salmon with capers and cream cheese without editorial comments from other members of the household. That evening we tried out Bonchon, one of the newish restaurants in the neighborhood. I liked the Korean fried chicken all right (kind of like a sweetish version of KFC) but the bulgogi was better at at TaKorean.

I was so cute!

Despite the grim weather we ventured to Virginia suburbs for KidFest. Luckily they had an extensive indoor fair as well, and we ended with lunch at the Cheesecake Factory.

Halloween train!

Ukelele (again)

On Sunday we commemorated the Feast of St. Francis by attending the Blessing of the Animals at one of the local churches. Truly one of my favorite holidays. Although there was a preponderance of dogs, the hermit crab stole the show.

Christ Church
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