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We had a pretty busy Saturday. We took Z to a class at Arts on the Horizon. Although we've seen pretty much every AotH show since Z was old enough, this was the first time he's attended a class. I think he had fun but it's hard to tell since Z is shy around new people. We went on to the Big Build at the National Building Museum. Unfortunately the vehicle petting zoo was limited to three or so vehicles, otherwise it was a lot of fun. Everything looks cute when it's in the miniature version, even construction gear.

I was surprised Z chose a pink helmet.

Toddler-size safety glasses!

Babba provided the muscle.

I live-tweeted the afternoon's event, Next Day Better DC. I enjoyed the samples of Filipino food from local restaurants the most though the TED-style talks were interesting too.

1776 is one of those hipster start-up community shared workspaces, including a Bitcoin conversion machine (next to the phone booth).

Although Sundays are normally pretty mellow, we had to get out of the house because the housekeeper had re-scheduled her visit. MoBob had other plans so Z and I had...a Mommy date? First to the library to play with blocks.

Then we fed the ducks.

Followed by an adventurous (for Z) bus ride to town for ice cream.

And ending with multiple runs through the water scrims in the Kogod Courtyard.

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